Friday, June 21, 2013

Quick Update: Chosen of Azara

I finished the proofread on Chosen of Azara yesterday, and the formatting is (so far; knock on wood) going well. Yesterday afternoon and evening and this morning I got done what it took me a week to do last time. It helps that I have my stylesheet and templates already set up - I'm using the same stylesheet for each book so that my books will have a consistent look and feel to them - and that I decided not to try wrestling with constructing the entire ebook by hand (see "command-line programs are not my friend" under this post). Last time, I wrote out a general workflow, which is making this easier, but this time I'm making sure to write down all the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that will make the formatting go even faster on future books. Not making any promises, but I anticipate Chosen of Azara going live on Amazon by early next week, with other stores to follow as I get those formats done.

In the meantime, if you're anxious to get a peek at Chosen of Azara, or want to read some before you decide if you want to buy it, you can read a sample here on my site. It consists of the first scene or two from each of the three sections of the book (instead of just the first 10-20% which is what you get when you download the free sample from ebook stores), with spoilery bits removed. Check it out, and meet Juzeva, Sevry and Lucie!

I'll make an official announcement when Chosen of Azara becomes available for purchase, and will add buy links as they go live. Stay tuned!

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