Saturday, April 20, 2013

Camp NaNo Report: Day 20, and Chosen of Azara Revision Progress

The CFS (another post for another time) has really been dragging me down the last few days, so it's been slow and painful. But progress is still happening.

4/17 1016 words
4/18 tough day, lost cause
4/19 1533 words
4/20 1411 words

total: 20,789/30,000 words

The revision of Chosen of Azara is coming right along too. It's been tough this week, then I finally realized what was messing everything up: the main secondary character in the Lucie story arc needs a complete personality transplant. The tense relationships between this character and the two main characters is one of the primary conflicts in that section of the book, and it just wasn't happening. I've had a hard time pinning down this character, but I think I've finally got it figured out. I'm also rearranging some of the major scenes at the very end of the book, so once that's done I'll print out the Lucie section and go to work on fixing up that character. I don't want to rush things; I want to get it right, so this most likely isn't going to be a May release; I'm hoping for June, if all goes well once this major surgery is done.

Finally, I want to announce that a friend of mine who's a very talented artist has opened an etsy shop: Motley Apricot Paintworks. Check it out for fabulous artwork, home decor, hand-painted wooden jewelry, and other wonderfully decorative and useful items.

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