Thursday, April 11, 2013

Camp NaNo Day 10, and the Reason for This Blog

Welcome to my Blogspot mirror blog. Here, if you are on Blogger and prefer to follow Blogger blogs, you can follow my blog! Posts here are reposted (hopefully right away, but possibly within a day) from my main blog, Welcome To My Worlds.

Day 10, plugging right along. Here's the numbers for the last few days:

Day 6: 1125 words; 6359/30,000
Day 8: 1030 words; 7389/30,000
Day 9: 1958 words; 9347/30,000
Day 10: 1387 words; 10734/30,000

Felt good to cross that 10K mark! So far, in this mostly-unplanned writing, I've discovered a nasty curse, some interesting reasons for technology to be banned by wizards, and a very cleverly disguised villain.

Just a couple items of news: I've been interviewed by a Camp NaNo acquaintance, Chris K, on his blog for his A-Z Camp NaNo Spotlight challenge! Go check it out, and meet some other Camp NaNo-ers too.

Also, congratulations to this week's Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia, and Romance Writers and Reviewers featured author, J.J. DiBenedetto!

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