Monday, April 18, 2016

Music Monday: Source-Fixer Playlist

Another Music Monday and a new project means it's time to make a new playlist! Part of the fun of working on a new novel is putting together a playlist for it. I wrote the first draft of The Source-Fixer without really having a playlist in mind, but now as I'm planning the revision, it's started to come together.

The Source-Fixer (this may graduate from working title to actual title) is about two people in the middle of life (Kaniev is forty; Fransisa won't admit to her age but, just between you and me, she's also forty) who lose everything that's given meaning and purpose to their lives up until now, then find new life and hope in a place they never expected. And yes, it's a fantasy-romance (I am who I am), but kind of different. So with that in mind, here are my songs for the book:
  • "Story of My Life," Social Distortion - Kaniev's song
  • "Magic Man," Heart - A little out of my usual listening. Could work for Fransisa and Kaniev, but I actually chose it for the villain, Ardavos, and his lover Sivael.
  • "Twist of Fate," Visions of Atlantis - "It's never too late," kind of the theme of the book.
  • "Diamond in the Rough," Social Distortion - Kaniev doesn't make a good impression at first, but he cleans up well.
  • "The Secret," Visions of Atlantis - A theme of finding love after losing everything
  • "Kiss Me Till It Bleeds," Nina Gordon - Fransisa doesn't really want to be falling in love with Kaniev, but she kind of can't help it.
  • "The Golden State," John Doe - This is also on the Sarya's Song playlist. Perfect for two lovers who get on each other's nerves but still can't live without each other.

For your listening enjoyment, here's the playlist on Spotify.

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