Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday 5: Cool Web Stuff

LOLTrek For this week's Friday 5, here are five fun and/or useful links from my Cool Web Stuff bookmarks folder (as always, remember that websites come and go; proceed with caution):

1. Paletton: Color scheme designer. Fiddle around with different color schemes. Great for art projects, scrapbooking, web design; it even gives you the hex codes for the colors.

2. LOLTrek: The "Tribbles" episode of Star Trek in lolspeak.

3. Rinkworks: About as old-school as you can get on the web, but still lots of fun. Book In A Minute, text-based games, puzzles, the Fantasy Novelist's Exam, fantasy name generator, horror stories from tech support, everything you need to kill an hour or three.

4. Wordle: Create word cloud graphics.

5. Madglibs: Online mad libs games.

Have fun out there!

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