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Author Spotlight: Lynn Thompson

Picture Introducing author Lynn Thompson and her short story collection Dark Fates:

Just in time for nightfall, fun, but still on the dark side:

Wrong Number
Valerie’s insomnia is getting worse. Every time she closes her eyes darkness surrounds her and something scary lurks in its wake. If she doesn’t get sleep soon she’ll go crazy, but can she face her dream filled fears?

Dwarfs Eve
Amber, Derrick, Lydia and Josh visit the cemetery on Halloween night under the full moon. Ambers gut instinct tells her not to go, but she never could say no to Derrick…

Tavern Cat
The local tavern was Ranald’s second home, until one night he didn’t show. The bartender gets worried about him. After visiting the sick old man at his home the bartended is convinced that once the Scot is better he will be back to warm his favorite barstool…

Ghostly Wanderings
Bar fights, ghosts, and Summer… Harry doesn’t realize this will be his last night alive. If he’d only changed his ways before the beginning of the evening things might have been different, but Harry was out to have some fun...

The Devil in Disguise
Pete puffed out his chest to try and show some enthusiasm. The last time and only time he fought he almost killed the guy because of his size. But this man was entrancing his woman, along with all of the others and the women either didn’t seem to notice or didn’t care...

Te Amo
Victoria’s restaurant is booming and all it took was a couple of spells; unfortunately the church down the hill is not happy with her or her methods of successes. Victoria is surprised and not prepared at how far they will go to close her down and run her out of town.

Shadow Man
Killian had heard the rumors about this place being haunted, but was hard pressed to believe them. At least not until this night, working graveyard shift…

Belle is on a mission to keep bad karma in its place. Katrina wants to play and Lori’s stuck in the middle without realizing it. Can Lori fix her karma before Belle has to fix it for her?

What is your latest book or series? Any forthcoming books?
Dark Fates is my last short stories book. It was so much fun to write I wanted to write another one. Dark Fates-Madness will be coming out soon, though the short stories in Dark Fates-Madness have a more serious note to them than in Dark Fates. I am also writing a YA novel, Samantha Sungold- Tarnished Gold. which I hope to have published in 2016.

"Welcome To My Worlds": Tell us a little about the world of your latest book or series.
Dark Fates-Madness has four short stories: One Way Ticket, Teen Spirit, Calla Crossing, and Zack's Promise. Dark Fates-Madness deals mainly with teen angst and how fragile teen age minds can be. Though Tyra's story does evolve into her later years.

Introduce us to some of your characters. What do you like about them?
Where to start? Some of my characters I wouldn't even hang out with!

Tyra, Calla, and Zack top the list of favorites. Tyra for her strong will, Calla for her love of life, and Zack because of his kind heart.

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About the author:
Lynn Thompson’s place is in the Land of Enchantment, where the sky is turquoise blue, the fires rage, and there is rain and/or snow without a cloud in the sky.

Lynn lives with her husband, son, dog, cat, and a tank full of fish. In her spare time she loves to hike, camp, read and write fiction.

She has a degree in graphic arts and web design, but doesn’t have a specific genre that she writes her books in.

She has written two novels: Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel and Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel. She also has written two short stories: Dark Fates and News Worthy.

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