Monday, June 16, 2014

#Luckyseven Snippet - The Rancher's Daughter

Picture Here's something fun - I've been tagged by Isabella Norse to play #LuckySeven Snippet. Here's how it works: In your current manuscript, go to page 7 (or 77), count seven lines down, and post the next seven lines. Then tag seven other writers to play along!

So here's my seven lines, from The Rancher's Daughter (adjusted to make complete sentences) [note: Silas is left-handed. I don't know why; he just is]:

* * *
He itched to have it out with Storts, but getting in a gunfight with someone who appeared to be one of the town's wealthiest citizens was not a good way to lay low. And he didn't want Lainie to get caught in the middle of a shootout. He wrapped his left arm around her shoulders, as much to keep his hand away from his gun as to comfort her.

"Damn it." Lainie's voice was muffled by her arms. "He cheated! Everyone would have noticed if he'd played the Fire Dragon that early in the game! I would have noticed! How stupid does he think I am?"

* * *

Hm, who to tag now? How about T.F., D.A., M.H., A.L., Zoe, Lauren, and Mindy! (None of them know I'm tagging them; it'll be as much a surprise to them as it is to me!)

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