Saturday, September 21, 2013

Book Review: The Gullwing Odyssey

The Gullwing Odyssey (Gullwing #1) by Antonio Simon, Jr.

Kyra's Star Ratings:
* * * * * 5 stars all around
(I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of giving an honest review)

All Marco Gullwing wants to do is deliver an important package for his prince. Then he's mistaken for someone he isn't, and finds himself whisked off on an adventure involving an island full of dragons, flying ships, and an evil conspiracy.

The Gullwing Odyssey is a very silly book. Homicidal hummingbirds, dragons both bureaucratic and amorous, a surprisingly bloodless way of doing battle, Red Underwear Tuesday... It's very funny and I laughed out loud a lot.

But there's also substance to the silliness. An interesting setting that isn't the usual pseudo-medieval-Europe (more Renaissance influences, with island and jungle settings), an engrossing plot full of twists and turns, engaging and vividly-drawn characters, some really cool magic, and a surprising moment of truth for Marco which added real depth to the book.

Some of the slapstick action maybe doesn't play out as well in text as it would visually, and there are a few minor proofreading mistakes, but overall the book is extremely well-written and nicely-presented, with nothing else to interfere with the reader's enjoyment.

The Gullwing Odyssey is an excellently entertaining read, and I look forward to more of Marco Gullwing's adventures.

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