Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DDsE - Serial Flash Fiction by Sue Perry

Okay, so it's been a busy couple of weeks. I'll write a post soon catching up with everything, but for today I want to feature DDsE, a flash fiction serial by Sue Perry, author of Nica of Los Angeles, which I enjoyed very much but don't seem to have featured yet in a Reading Roundup. Also gotta get caught up on those one of these days.
Picture About DDsE:

… a young-adult paranormal horror romance.

So far, being sixteen is no good. Ella has no one to talk to except her new diary, which she has to hide from Ma and Pa Warden, the foster parents she’s stuck with since her family got flattened in a car accident. Now that she lives with the wardens, she has to switch to a new school, where people act like her tragedy is contagious. Her new suburb is just as boring as the last, and offers no hope of secret passageways or magic.

But life is not all bad. There’s an interesting boy at the new school – although his family turns out to be impossibly dangerous. And there’s a feral cat, living in the suburb’s only open space, a pitiful excuse for woods. Sometimes the cat invades Ella’s mind. She tells her diary, ‘I’ve gone a special kind of crazy, a split personality. And my other personality is a cat, not a person.’

Welcome to the secret diary of Ella, occasionally co-authored by her feral cat.

Kyra sez: Go check this out - it's fantastic!

My interview with Sue Perry | Sue Perry's main website

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