Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Author Spotlight: Hildur Enola

Hildur Enola
Introducing author and video maker Hildur Enola:

My name is Hildur Enóla. I´m an Icelandic self-published author, and I live in Denmark. I run a website,, with my writing partner, Sirrý Sig., who lives in Iceland.

I write because I like to imagine characters, stories, other worlds, etc.. Without me, they wouldn´t come to life; they would just drop dead like any other ideas. So I guess I´m saving lives, and even whole worlds by writing. My day job never gives me that much satisfaction, but it pays those damned bills, contrary to my more “important” work.

Currently I´m working on a little Halloween book trailer, or a tiny visual novel—we’ll see what it turns into during the next two to three weeks. It´s based on two short stories that I´ve yet to translate into English,  called “Just a Kid” and “Adult. ” Last week, Adult was the third runner up in a short crime story contest—a real boost for my mousy self-esteem.

The story is a bit creepy, and the horror element is more prominent than the actual crime. It´s about a young adult girl who just turned eighteen, and she´s trying to get rid of her mother's corpse. In Iceland this is a crime ;) I guess that´s why  it worked for the crime contest. Anyway, it´s perfect as a base for a Halloween video prank, or book trailer. Of course, it will only be very loosely based on the story. For example, I´m changing the viewpoint from the girl´s to that of the light outside her house to give it a lighter, and more fantasy-like feel. So the video will start with:

Once upon a time, there was an outdoor light. It hung above the door of an apartment building by Hamraborgin.

It´s a kind of a nice and caring outdoor light that tries to be helpful, although it can get jealous and it, can in fact, electrocute those who change the light bulb.

The book trailer is a work in progress, and will be available later this month, hopefully along with the stories, “Just a Kid” and “Adult.”

Last year, I made my first cute and clumsy Halloween trailer:
One Thing Led to Another Here is the link to the book that it´s loosely based on: One Thing Led to Another

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