Monday, March 24, 2014

What's Happening? 3/24

Picture So, time for a progress report. Mondays seem like a good day for regular progress reports, but don't hold me to that. :P ;)

Sarya's Song: I'm on the final polishing round of edits. After this I'll put it through a few proofreading rounds, then format and release. I'm looking at an official release date of April 10. It'll be coming out at a special limited-time low introductory price, so to make sure you don't miss out, sign up for my email alerts.

Daughter of the Wildings has been waiting patiently while I get Sarya's Song finished up. Still doing a little prep work for the big revision. I do have the preview files for the covers for books 5 and 6, so watch for some cover art reveals coming up soon! These two covers are some of my favorites in the series (though I love them all!). I also expect to receive the final high-resolution versions soon, so I can start making the actual covers. Got some cool fonts in mind for the lettering. And I'll be announcing some more exciting cover news soon!

Those two projects are taking up all my time and attention for now. Once Sarya's Song is out, I'll be able to start planning some new stories and novels.

Next week, I'm participating in the ongoing Writing Process Blog Tour. Should be fun! Check out this week's post at Isabella Norse, Romance Author.

Finally, on the health front, I had another ultrasound of my heart last week, and the report from the cardiologist was that it showed normal heart function and a significant decrease in the amount of fluid around my heart. So that was very good news, that I'm very thankful for. And now I just need to remember all the good resolutions I was making when I was a lot more scared and worried about exercising and watching what I eat!

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